website maintenance Reading, Pa. Berks County

Even the most high performance engine needs a little "TLC" every now and then with some web maintenance!

The latest and greatest technology will only last so long. Advances move at the speed of light when it comes to serving a modern website. On average, the technology used to build your website today will have only a 2-year life span before it is considered obsolete. Our CMS platforms are built to keep up with current and future technology, but it does have to be applied. Part of the cost of having a modern, functional, and high-performing web presence is to bring it in the garage from time to time for a tune up.

As a client of NLS Media Group your website and hosting account receive the following maintenance services throughout the year at no additional cost.

Server Side Maintenance:

  • Security updates and upgrades to your hosting account
  • Updates and upgrades to server side programs such as PHP and Apache
  • Performance upgrades to the CDN
  • Monthly server maintenance
  • Monthly site and server back-ups

Web Maintenance:

  • CMS Platform updates and upgrades
  • Responsive framework updates and upgrades
  • 3rd party component updates and upgrades
  • Membership renewals if applicable
  • Template upgrades and updates
Maintenance Packages are available in different hour increments. You may purchase and apply your hours as needed for different web projects, upgrades, and additions as you see fit.

How to use your Maintenance Package:

  • Full site upgrade, bringing your site from the dark ages of HTML to a new CMS System
  • Adding new components to your site: blog, event system, CRM
  • Changing templates for a new look
  • Adding new or more content to your site, pages, menus etc.
  • Rebranding, template redesign
The balance of the hours remaining is held in an escrow until you need them again. The package of hours is good for one (1) calendar year from the date of purchase.

You may use them for anything web related with the EXCEPTION of renewing hosting accounts, renewing domains, and domain or site transfers.

Per Hour Web Package (WMH) Hourly Rate $75.00

  • 24 Hour Web Package: $62.00 per hour for a total of $1,500.00
  • 48 Hour Web Package: $52.00 per hour for a total of $2,500.00
  • 72 Hour Web Package: $48.60 per hour for a total of $3,500.00
  • NLS Media Group will also work with you to create sub-contractor terms per project, or over a specific time-frame